About Us

RAMTC show

RAMTC is funded by membership subscriptions, donations from our patrons, ticket sales and sponsorship from local businesses.

We are managed by an elected committee made up of the following:

President – the figure head of the company and someone of long- standing in the community.

Chairman – who oversees the effective running of the company, both short term and long term and represents the company publicly.

Treasurer – who ensures good business practice and that the finances of the company are managed in a way that meets legal requirements.

Secretary – who ensures the effective administration of the company, including contracts and bookings, licences and meetings.    

There are 12 other elected members of the committee who all have roles to play including programme & publicity, marketing, organising social events, fund raising, child protection, health & safety and plenty more too numerous to mention!

Come along and get involved....If you can sing, dance, act, sew, saw and do it with a smile – We need you!