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Anyone can join our company, regardless of your singing or acting ability as there are many other non-acting roles available behind the scenes!

If you do wish to perform in our productions you will need to undertake a short audition but don’t let this put you off. We would just need to make sure you can sing in tune and that you are in the right section for rehearsal-tenor, bass, alto or soprano.

You may come to us with particular skills and experiences, or you may be completely new to amateur musical theatre. Below are some of the ways you could get involved, but if you can imagine yourself helping in a different way - or aren't sure exactly what you'd want to do, then just contact us. The chances are we need help from someone just like you - even if your skills aren't in a traditional theatre context.

Some roles you can choose from:

Acting - Probably the first thing most people think about in Theatre and actors are key in every production. Rehearsals are usually held in September of each year and the Company holds auditions for new recruits. Acting is very rewarding and depending on your availability, talents and experience you may win a key role. Of course your full commitment will be expected throughout rehersals and for the show run and you will get involved in other support roles too.

Directing/Prompting - The Director is responsible for planning the entire show, rehearsing actors and briefing the technical assistants. Usually experience in other roles is essential before directing. Prompting is also helpful as actors can sometimes forget their lines. The Prompt is a key role during the performance and in rehearsals and they greatly assist actors and directors during the build-up.

Backstage/Technical - There is much more to running a production than acting and directing.  Stagehands are required to construct and manage the stage.  Costumes need to be made and arranged, props made and acquired and lighting and sound engibeers are sometimes needed too.

Front of House - Front of House work involves jobs such as selling raffle tickets and programmes, showing people to their seats, serving drinks at the bar and running the Box Office.

Marketing/Administration - There's no point in running a theatre production if nobody knows it's happening! The company needs to advertise and promote their productions within the community, encourage ticket sales, fund raise and attract sponsors and partons.  There's lots of other administration roles too, just like in many other organisations; web manager, committee members, Secretary and Treasurer to name a few.

RAMTC is a great way of making new friends and developing your confidence. As a member you will experience the highs and lows of putting together a production, the thrill of applause and the bittersweet emotion of the final curtain call, but altogether it’s an amazing journey and a great team to be part of!

For further information about becoming a member of RAMTC please contact us.